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About us


 Moonstone Magic is a young, bohemian lifestyle brand creating jewelry for all the Moon Children with a wild heart. We ship all our Rainbow Moonstone goodies from Florida - USA. Our team consists of very talented Silver craftsmen who handpick only the finest Rainbow Moonstone gems & transform them into gorgeous Moonstone jewelry. We want the whole world to see Moonstone's splendor. That is why we’ve put together a group of talented local craftsmen backed by a western management to bring this stunning boho jewelry collection to life. 100% made with love...  
Moonstone Magic is designed for girls & women who embrace each day, feeling beautiful, playful - and who know how to keep boho vibes in the air!  

Why Moonstone?

From the outside, anyone can be awestruck with Moonstone’s adularescence; it’s the dance of light inside the gem that peaks through what seems like a thin shroud of cotton. Sometimes, its chatoyancy or “cat’s eye” is viewed as the reflection of the moon on placid water. This unique radiance is a rare phenomenon and was seen in the waxing and waning phases of the moon in the ancient times.

Legends claim that the gem is named after Diana, the Roman Goddess of the Moon. With her illumination & feminine energies, Moonstone can bring light to the dark times of life & enhance your intuition. We are perpetually linked to the moon, and with Moonstone in your hands, you’ll be guided to trust your higher self that’ll eventually lead you to something bigger.

Also this stunningly beautiful gemstone has much more to offer than just its gorgeous looks. It´s also believed to have holistic power, and can be used as a crown chakra enhancer & will connect us with our spiritual center. It´s also a meditation ally, a healing gem & on top of it is a birthstone.
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Your Moonstone Magic Team.